Mrs. Anjana Gupta


She monitors and manages all facets of the company’s contact center development and operations, concentrates on directing the strategic direction of the business, and works directly with clients and potential clients to understand and meet their needs. Anjana’s ability to lead and motivate her team to meet performance goals and excel in customer service is one of her primary strengths. Her perseverance, hard work, and dedication serve as an inspiration to the rest of the workforce. When interacting with consumers, employees look up to her maturity and interpersonal skills.

She has approximately 20 years of experience in the field, including senior management, general counsel, international operations, business turnaround for start-ups, and business turnaround for private companies. She is also known for building connections with workers that are strong and founded on trust.

Mr. Rajesh Gupta

(Managing Director)

Rajesh is in charge of making important decisions that have an impact on every aspect of the company as the Managing Director of E-Solve Infotech. He has been in the BPO Industry for more than 20 years. Rajesh began his career in this field twenty years ago and has a thorough understanding of its intricacies, which has aided him in resolving significant company issues for his clients. Rajesh realized that to keep and grow their customer base, innumerable businesses needed great business counseling and support services. To better assist companies in this respect, Rajesh founded E-Solve Infotech in 2012.

Managing consumers can be challenging. In our contemporary era of social networking, a minor failure in communication or manners might be disastrous for businesses. In light of this, Rajesh set out to create a company that would relieve business owners of their worries and enable them to return their attention to what they do best—growing their company. He firmly believes that consumers come first and set out to create a company whose main goal is to help clients realise their dreams.   


E-solve has established itself as an industry leader thanks to Rajesh’s ideas and values of serving clients with respect and dignity.